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Using A Legacy LOS In The Cloud Is Costly

You get what you pay for, the saying goes. But in our industry this rule doesn’t always apply—especially when it comes to loan production. Today’s lenders have made major investments in producing high quality loans and improving the borrower experience. Yet, too often, they don’t receive the results they expected.

This is particularly frustrating given the current lending environment. For lenders, producing high quality, compliant loans designed to meet federal and state mandates and investor requirements has meant adding staff to review loan files for accuracy and completeness. In fact, loan production costs are at all-time highs because of the new rules of the road. Higher rates and a cooling housing market have only exacerbated this situation.

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Future Mortgage: Almost Here

Digital lending is coming, the dozen or so mortgage professionals and vendors interviewed for this column agree. It’s just a matter of time. “It’s going to be like getting a car loan; there’s no reason you can’t do that with a mortgage,” offers Joe Langer of Blue Sage Solutions…

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Three things your next LOS must have

The graveyard of failed businesses is filled with companies that were once market leaders but could not keep up with the times. Kodak, Blockbuster and Borders are just a few names that once dominated their industries yet failed to adjust to new innovations and...

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Yesterday’s Automation Won’t Help Cut Loan Costs

Yesterday’s Automation Won’t Help Cut Loan Costs By Joe Langner, Blue Sage SolutionsOver the past several years, the idea that many American workers will someday be replaced by robotics has gone from science fiction to, well, actual science. Last year, a McKinsey...

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The Times are Changing Before Our Very Eyes

There are ways to remain relevant in the mortgage business that don’t include using a drone. By Joe Langner, chief executive officer, Blue Sage Solutions The home buying landscape is changing rapidly. The transformation is being led by millennials who are increasingly...

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