Retail Lending Products

A single system for maximum efficiency and profit.
We took the nuts and bolts – LOS, CRM, POS – and stepped on the gas. All in a single system, our retail products let you collaborate with customers, automate your workflows, and keep your pipeline moving at digital speed. Our comprehensive LOS wrangles every step of every loan, powerful CRM tools turn leads into borrowers, and mobile interfaces let you get the job done, no matter where you are.

Features include:

  • Automated pipeline and task management tools
  • User and Password Maintenance including association to Company & Branch
  • Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Case File Services for easy onboarding
  • Complete 1003 Data Management
  • Automated underwriting integrations for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
  • Document repository providing instant access to digital documents
  • Lock Management tool that maintains lock history, extends locks, and executes worst-case pricing
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  • Fee configuration to automate the execution of all applicable fee rules
  • Lock Eligibility exception rules to capture investor guidelines and overlays
  • Submission rules to enforce data integrity
  • Change of Circumstance screen to capture broker request to modify fee(s)
  • Loan Condition management to help submit documents associated to a condition
  • Ability to capture estimated and firm closing dates and vendor details
  • NMLS integration to validate Mortgage Loan Officer and Broker company details
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Blue Sage Retail Lending Platform Load Officer Portal

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Blue Sage Loan Officer Portal

Convert digitally. The tools and transparency LO’s need to turn leads into customers – including a full-feature CRM and POS – are all rolled into one system. It speeds and simplifies prospecting, selling, and working with borrowers with integrated pipeline and task management for contacts and referrals, application data, quote creation, and NMLS integration.

Blue Sage Solutions Loan Officer Portal Mobile

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Blue Sage Mobile Loan Officer

Go mobile. Get updates instantly, access contacts from anywhere, collaborate and service customers anytime – all with database integration that instantly puts everything right into your system. We took our powerful Loan Officer Portal and scaled it for smartphones and tablets. It gives you the power to keep the pipeline flowing while you’re on the move.

Blue Sage Retail Origination Solution

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Retail LOS

Our Retail LOS brings it all together. Cloud-supported and browser-based, it’s leveraging advanced technology for maximum security, speed and reliability. Truly cradle to close, our team designed it from the ground up to support the entire process – fulfillment, underwriting, closing, funding, and post-closing lifecycle – efficiently and automatically.