Blue Sage Wholesale Lending Products

Get tomorrow’s performance today.
We’ve made wholesale workflows more efficient, compliance more reliable, and data more accessible. Configurable, fast, and secure, our broker portal, mobile integration, management tools, and LOS help tasks get done and keep pipelines flowing – automatically, quickly, and with zero lag time.

Features include:

    • Database integration instantly puts everything right into your system
    • Nightly batch process with NMLS integration to validate Mortgage Loan Officer and Broker Corporate and Branch details
    • Broker Admin utility for easy broker data management
    • User and Password Maintenance, including association to company and branch
    • Fannie Mae and Freddie Mae Case File Services for easy onboarding
    • Complete 1003 Data Management
    • Automated underwriting integrations for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
    • Lock Management to support rate sheet pricing, lock periods and pricing adjustments
    • Lock Eligibility exception rules to capture investor guidelines and overlays
    • Fee configuration to automate the execution of all applicable fee rules
    • Submission rules to enforce data integrity or required actions prior to a loan being sent to the lender for fulfillment
    • Loan Condition management to help submit documents associated to a condition
    Blue Sage Wholesale Broker Portal

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    Blue Sage Broker Portal

    Everything wholesale in just one place. Our self-service broker portal makes you a part of the loan process, and onboards transactions to the Blue Sage platform – automatically, at digital speed. Fully loaded, the portal is the gateway for simple, single-system lock management, user and password maintenance, fee configuration, 1003 data management, and more.

    Blue Sage Wholesale NMLS Portal

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    Blue Sage Broker Management with NMLS Services

    Our self-service Broker Management System manages all your brokers from one simple place. Easily add your Broker Companies and their associated branches, then quickly set up statuses and relationships, compensations, products, QC monitoring and Risk monitoring. You’ll be able to work with them in the capacity of Broker, Emerging Banker – or both – and get real-time access to essential information including their current and historical licensing, trade names, regulatory actions and MLOs.

    Blue Sage Solutions Loan Officer Portal Mobile

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    Blue Sage Mobile Account Executive – Coming soon

    Access your portal from anywhere. We took the Broker Portal and scaled it for smartphones and tablets. Everything is there, synched on the cloud, so you can work on the move without leaving your database.

    Blue Sage Wholesale LOS

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    Blue Sage Loan Origination System (Wholesale LOS)

    Automate every step. Fast, secure, and always up and running, our wholesale LOS supports the entire set up, fulfillment, underwriting, closing, funding, and post-closing process. Cloud-supported and browser-based, our team designed it from the ground up to support the entire process, cradle to close.