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Tools and insights that simplify prospecting and turn leads into customers.

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The Loan Officer Portal is tailor-made for Mortgage Loan Officers, allowing them to perform all necessary tasks without using the Loan Origination System.

Blue Sage Solutions offers a companion app for loan officers in the field to enhance productivity and engagement in the MLO community. Effortlessly handle communication channels and send emails directly through the portal, with immediate access to client information. The app includes alerts, pipeline management, metrics, and dashboards, with similar features and functions as the Loan Origination System.

Feature Rich

  • Built-in CRM
  • Streamlined application entry
  • Referral Partner Management and Tracking
  • Automated Notifications
  • Loan Exception Handling/Product Overlays

LOP provides loan officers with the technology to stay on top of every lead, increase pull through and maintain full transparency regarding every loan detail.

Calendar Views

Mortgage Calculators

Side-by-Side Product Comparison Templates

[The] Blue Sage platform is the perfect complement to our ongoing digital Transformation. . . . [it] gave us more than 70 automated processes, including automated tools that help our members apply for loans on their own . . . we are finally leveraging automation to its fullest potential . . . . Our loan officers are happier than ever, too.

Jason Sorochinsky
Vice President of Mortgage Lending

Blue Sage Customer Testimonial from DCU

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