Blue Sage Docs

Blue Sage Docs Blue Sage Docs

Strengthen the relationship between
data and documents to increase
efficiency, quality and compliance.

Blue Sage Docs is a native, standalone document content management system which can be used with any LOS.

Lenders can realize significant value with our intuitive design to easily access images within the platform. This includes documents provided by the borrower, broker, seller, and documents that are retrieved via third party services for validation. Additionally, a proven, automated classification and extraction engine has also been incorporated to further streamline the entire process. Data extractions can be used to compare document-to-document data and document to loan data and exceptions can be generated to prevent the loan from moving to closing or funding.

Feature Rich

  • Standard taxonomy
  • Drag and drop file upload
  • Intuitive image manipulation
  • Configurable statuses
  • Unlimited scalability
  • Role-based security
  • Configurable stacking orders
  • ADR/OCR support
  • Numerous doc types supported

Blue Sage Docs provides a centralized view of all documents associated with a loan

Blue Sage Solutions Loan Origination System Document Management Full Functionality

Full functionality available via any browser – no client-side install.

Missing document check ensures loans are compliant and saleable.

Keyboard shortcuts and multi-select options streamline document review.

Automated revisions ensure correct documents are included for delivery.

Reduces “stare and compare” manual work for both pre-closing and post-closing QC.

Implementation in as little as 6-12 weeks.

What used to take 45 minutes can now be completed in less than five minutes since we have a seamless experience between members and our back-office systems across our consumer products.

Michelle Burke
Vice President of Mortgage Lending

Blue Sage Client Testimonial Westerra

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